How to Apply

Welcome!  We are excited that you and your family are considering Lawton Academy of Arts & Sciences. 

How to Apply

Step 1: Peruse this site for information about our educational philosophy, tuition, scholarship opportunities, and other pertinent information.

Step 2: Call (580) 536-1900 during school hours to set up a tour or click on the button below. Tours/Interviews begin in late January. All involved in the tours/interviews teach full-time, so expect to meet with us other than during school hours.

Step 3: The admissions tour/interview will last one hour.  During the tour portion, we will visit about expectations – yours and ours.  Because our program is specifically designed for gifted students, we want to ensure proper placement.  Students who have not been placed in a gifted/talented program previously, but who are highly self-driven, do well at our school.  Therefore, being identified as “gifted and talented,” while preferred, is not  a prerequisite.

During the interview portion, your child will be asked questions and will demonstrate writing, reading, and mathematical abilities.  The math problems will be samples of problems your child should be doing at his/her current grade level.  The writing will come from a prompt, and its length will be appropriate for your child’s age.  The reading selection will be at your child’s current grade level. These two work samples will be saved and added to your child’s application should you decide to apply at the conclusion of this meeting.

Step 4: If you are interested in applying for admission after the tour/interview, please submit the following:

  • Copy of applicant’s birth certificate
  • Copy of applicant’s up-to-date vaccination records
  • Copy of applicant’s last report card received (future 2nd – 5th graders) or latest transcript (future 7th- 12th graders).  Transcripts can be attained through the current school’s office and are necessary for selection of classes to occur.
  • Copy of applicant’s scores for the most recent standardized test taken (2nd graders and above).

Recommendations from a teacher or other adult in a leadership position are welcome but not necessary.

Applications for a scholarship through Opportunity Scholarship Fund should be turned in with the Lawton Academy Enrollment Forms, if applicant is, in fact, applying for a scholarship.  (Bear in mind that no scholarships change April 1-March 1.)

Step 5: We will inform all who apply of our decision regarding admission per the schedule below.   Acceptance letters, a contract, and any scholarship offerings will be sent via email.  (Letters of denial of admission will also come via email.)  A student who has been “accepted” is not automatically enrolled in Lawton Academy.  To be enrolled, the family must pay the one-time non-refundable $500 deposit.   It is important to note that the $500 fee is one time only and per family, not student.

This school is specifically designed for gifted students.  Highly-driven students do well here, too.  The LAAS owners reserve the right to deny admittance to students who are not gifted or highly-driven.  Gifted and highly-driven students thrive in the atmosphere of competition we have created.  Students who are not gifted or high-performing often feel undue stress at the level of competition.  It is not our intent to put a child through unnecessary stress.  We are not designed to be a “boot camp” for discipline problems, and we do not take students who have been expelled from another school.

Note: If arrival of the student will be later than the start date of the school year, admission will only be granted if the entire school year’s tuition is paid for.

Admissions Application

(Interviews must be conducted before applications can be submitted)

LAAS Admissions Application