Message from the Founder

Kay F. Johnson, Founder, CEO & Superintendent

A key factor in our school’s success is the dedication and talents of the staff.  I have learned as a public school superintendent that the best teachers to hire are those with multiple talents, credentials, and experiences.  Great teachers, coupled with a rich multicultural group of patrons, have created a learning environment that successfully challenges gifted and talented students.

Learning can be fun and exciting at the same time that it is challenging.  By matching the teaching methods to the different learning styles of children, all children can be given a successful school experience.  The curriculum of the Academy, based upon over 30 years of experience, is soundly rooted in methods and practices which result in successful students as measured by testing, social interaction, and personal feelings of accomplishment.

God has richly blessed this venture.  Should you choose to place your gifted child at Lawton Academy, I look forward to working with you to give your child the very best education possible.


Kay F. Johnson

Message from the Chief Operating Officer
Michelle Smith

Probably the best testimonial for a business is if the owner uses that business himself.  Not only did my own children both graduate from Lawton Academy, they did so at the cost of having to send their military father off to his assignments without us.  Having lived all over the country through the military, my husband and I knew our children could not get a better education than the one they were being offered here at LAAS.  Since both graduated as valedictorian of their respective classes, I will say the sacrifice was worth it!

I love the secondary program we have built here.  Students are taught at a very advanced level, and most meet the expectations with a hunger for more.  Some of the teachers we have hired have taught in universities and know exactly how our students must be prepared.  Additionally, each is gifted and understands the unique needs, motivations, and shortfalls of “the gifted student.” Our expectations are high, and accountability is ever-present.  Yet, Lawton Academy never forgets to have fun.  Being a kid is supposed to be fun.

A student at Lawton Academy is in a win-win situation.  Our faculty recognizes that, as a business, we are only successful if we produce success.  The better a Lawton Academy student does, the better we look!  Should you become a patron, you will be working very closely with my faculty and me to ensure your child’s success.  I look forward to the opportunity to work with you and your child!



Michelle Smith