Welcome!  We are excited that you and your family are considering Lawton Academy of Arts & Sciences.   Here is the schedule of due dates and deadlines.

Late January/ February:  Applicants seeking “Early Decision” admission may schedule the required tour/interview by calling the school office (580-536-1900).

March 1:  Due date for contracts from currently-enrolled students who plan to return.

March 1:  Early Decision Deadline.  All those applying for Early Decision consideration must have completed the required tour/interview and have all forms and documentation into our office to be considered for enrollment at this point.

March 5:  Results of Early Decision sent out.  All who applied will receive a response, including applicants who are deferred till the regular decision  as well as those denied admission.

May 1:  Those who are accepted in the Early Decision must have the signed contract and $500 enrollment fee in to our office by May 1 to complete enrollment.

Tours/Interviews continue throughout March, April, and May.

May 1:  Regular Decision Deadline.  All those applying for admission must have all forms and paperwork into our office to be considered for enrollment.  Those applicants who were deferred after Early Decision will automatically move on to the regular decision unless the application is withdrawn by the applicant’s family.

May 5: Results from Regular Decision go out.  All who applied will receive a response.

June 1:  Those who were accepted in the Regular Decision must have the signed contract and $500 enrollment fee in to our office by June 1 to secure enrollment.



For scholarship form, see below.



How To Apply

Step 1: You’re already doing the first step! Reading this web site is a must.   Peruse this site for information about our educational philosophy, tuition, scholarship opportunities, and other pertinent information.

Step 2: Call (580)536-1900 to set up a tour. Tours/Interviews begin in late January.

Tour only:  If you would like to see the school during the school day, this is the option for you.  No interviews will be done during school hours, however, as all tour leaders are also teachers and need to limit time out of the classroom. For your child to be considered for enrollment, though, a separate interview time must be scheduled. Those who set up a tour only will need to initiate the next step if admission is desired.

After School Hours Tour with Admission Interview:  We have been known to do tours on weekends, during breaks, and late into the evening.  All involved in the tours/interviews teach full-time, so expect to meet with us other than during school hours.

You can, of course, also set up a tour after school hours without the admissions interview.

Step 3: The admissions tour/interview will last one hour.  During the tour portion, we will visit about expectations – yours and ours.  Because our program is specifically designed for gifted students, we want to ensure proper placement.  Students who have not been placed in a gifted/talented program previously, but who are highly self-driven, do well at our school.  Therefore, being identified as “gifted and talented,” while preferred, is not  a prerequisite.

During the interview portion, your child will be asked questions and will demonstrate writing and mathematical abilities.  The math problems will be samples of problems your child should be doing at his/her current grade level.  The writing will come from a prompt, and its length will be appropriate for your child’s age.  These two work samples will be saved and added to your child’s application should you decide to apply at the conclusion of this meeting.

No money should be brought to the admissions interview. You may, however, turn in your application at that interview if you’d like.

Step 4: If you are interested in applying for admission after the tour/interview, please submit the following:

  • Copy of applicant’s birth certificate
  • Copy of applicant’s up-to-date vaccination records
  • Copy of applicant’s last report card received (future 2nd – 5th graders) or latest transcript (future 7th- 12th graders).  Transcripts can be attained through the current school’s office and are required before admission will be considered.
  • Copy of applicant’s scores for the most recent standardized test taken (2 graders and above).


Recommendations from a teacher or other adult in a leadership position are welcome but not necessary.

Applications for a scholarship through Opportunity Scholarship Fund should be turned in with the Lawton Academy Enrollment Forms, if applicant is, in fact, applying for a scholarship.

Step 5: We will inform all who apply of our decision regarding admission per the above schedule.   A contract will also be sent with acceptance letters, as well information regarding any scholarships applied for. A student who has been “accepted” is not automatically enrolled in Lawton Academy.  To be enrolled, the family must pay the one-time non-refundable $500 deposit.   It is important to note that the $500 fee is one time only and per family, not student.

This school is specifically designed for gifted students.  Highly-driven students do well here, too.  The LAAS owners reserve the right to deny admittance to students who are not gifted or highly-driven.  Gifted and highly-driven students thrive in the atmosphere of competition we have created.  Students who are not gifted or high-performing often feel undue stress at the level of competition.  It is not our intention to put a child through unnecessary stress.  We are not designed to be a “boot camp” for discipline problems, and we do not take students who have been expelled from another school.


E-mail address:

Phone: 580-536-1900

Fax: 580-536-2972

Further Information: e-mail

Grade Range:

  • Primary Elementary: JrK – 4th grades
  • Intermediate Elementary:  5th & 6th grades
  • Middle School: 7th – 8th
  • High School: 9th – 12th

Educational Focus: College Preparatory; Gifted and Talented; Individualized Skill Tracking

Student/Teacher Ratio:

  • PK/JrK: 18:1 Kindergarten: 18:1
  • Elementary: 18:1
  • Secondary: 18:1

Tuition Cost:

  1. $500 Enrollment Fee
  2. Tuition Fee (according to chart below) All are detailed below.

1. $500 one-time-only family enrollment fee

Note: this is paid the first year and never again; even if, for instance, your family transfers with the military and then moves back.

2.                                       One Enrolled     Two Enrolled     Three Enrolled

Primary Elementary (PK – 4th): $5,100.00 $9,690.00 $14,280.00
Intermediate Elementary (5th/6th):
$5,250.00 $9,975.00 $14,700.00
Middle School (7th.8th):
$5,575.00 $10,592.50
High School (9th – 12th): $6,050.00 $11,550.00









All prices per year (August – May)

Discount of 10% for each additional family member  Discounts are calculated after the most expensive tuition is billed. (For example:  The oldest child is in high school, so the first tuition amount is $6,050.  Add to this any additional child or children at the rate of $5,017.50 for middle school students, $4,725.00 for intermediate elementary students, and $4,590.00 for elementary students.)

Extended day fees will go up for the 2021-22 academic year:  $100 per month per child (no discount for multiple children).

Materials Fee:  Each student will need to pay $50 annually for school supplies.  There is no need to go to the stores to get school supplies.  All are provided by this $50 charge.

Very Important:  Payments will no longer be accepted at the school except for incidental after care.  Monthly after care must be paid monthly by ACH or paid in advance for the year.

All tuition is due in full by Aug 1. Students whose tuition has not been paid by one of the three options below by August 1 will not be admitted to classes until the tuition is paid.

Options 1:  Pay the full amount due by August 1st.

Option 2:  Set up automatic drafting from your bank account through us.  There will be ten automatic drafts, each taken on the 1st of the month for ten months.  We can draft from checking, savings, or debit accounts.  In the event that one of the ACH’s is declined or otherwise returned unpaid, there will be an immediate 10% additional fee added to the payment amount for that month.  A second declination will require the remainder of the tuition to be paid in full immediately.  Failure to do so will constitute a breach of contract and attendance is no longer possible.

 Terminations of contracts for the following reasons are NOT breaches of contract:

  • job transfer (moving your family more than fifty miles from Lawton)
  • loss of major income by involuntary methods
  • death (of student or family member that causes family to move)
  • other reasons that are decided on a case-by-case basis by the administration.

Should your family need to terminate the contract early for one of the above reasons, we will refund the unused portion of the tuition.


Financial Aid Available: Opportunity Scholarship Fund

Application is now closed for the 2021-22 school year.  Application will open in February 2022 and close April 1 of 2022.


Lawton Academy does have limited scholarship capability.  No one family will be awarded more than $3,000 in financial assistance per year.  The form for financial aid above is Lawton Academy’s form.  If your family is offered a scholarship and you accept, you will still need to fill out the actual Opportunity Scholarship Fund and submit that form and the required tax records to us (Lawton Academy )no later than May 1 of the semester before attendance at Lawton Academy. Failure to do so will forfeit the offered scholarship.  No financial assistance is available after that date.


Lawton Academy of Arts & Sciences does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, or disability in administration of its educational and admissions policies, scholarship and loan programs, and athletic and other school-administered programs.


1. The student must be a legal resident of the United States, live in Oklahoma, and have been accepted by Lawton Academy of Arts & Sciences for the 2020-21 school year.

2. The student must live in a family within the Adjusted Gross Income guidelines .


Family size of 2 $  95,682
Family size of 3 $120,546
Family size of 4 $145,410
Family size of 5 $170,274

For each additional family member, add $24,864.

If eligible:

1. Complete an application for EACH of your children eligible for a scholarship.

2. Include the first two pages of the family’s most recent federal income tax return (Form 1040, 1040A or 1040EZ).  Speak with us about accepted alternate proofs of income.

3. Return the completed application(s) and adjusted gross income documentation to Lawton Academy.  DO NOT send the application directly to the OSF.

4.Lawton Academy will evaluate the family financial needs in accordance with school policy.  If the student is deemed eligible and appropriate by us, we will endorse the application, include a recommended scholarship amount, and forward the application to the Opportunity Scholarship Fund office for processing.

5. If there are available funds in the school account, and if the student meets all eligibility requirements established in the law, the OSF will prepare a scholarship check made out jointly to the parent and school – and will mail the check to the school.

A separate application is required for each child       

Each application must be fully completed and have proof of income attached.

6.  Submit the scholarship application at the same time you turn in your admission application and accompanying paperwork.  If your child is accepted for admission, we will also send information regarding any scholarship award offered.