Featured Story 2

2021 Seniors earn over $100,000 in scholarships!

In May, 8 fantastic seniors graduated from our school. Check out what they plan to do this Fall:

Lydia is an impressive artist, a dedicated scholar, and our valedictorian this year. She has taken rigorous advanced courses throughout her schooling and has worked incredibly hard. Lydia is a fantastic writer and a skilled artist. She is headed to Arizona State University, pursuing a degree in Biological Sciences.

Logan is a talented photographer and a great student leader. Last year he took an afternoon program with the Great Plains Technology Center. He has learned a lot about video editing and production. Logan is headed to Full Sail University in Florida for Video Production. He has received some impressive scholarships including the Creative Minds Scholarship for $22,000.

Vanessa is a talented musician. She plays the violin and has a beautiful singing voice. Vanessa was a student leader and a member of Varsity Choir. Vanessa is going to Arizona State University, majoring in Psychology.

Katie is a talented artist and a skilled singer and guitar player. Katie has received superior ratings for solo and ensemble contests this year and she received special recognition for being accepted into the All-Region Choir three years in a row. Katie is headed to the University of Oklahoma pursuing a Business degree and a paralegal certification.

Darius is a skilled athlete who has a serious passion for basketball. Darius was on our cross country team, receiving a medal at a meet this year. He is dedicated and very driven. Darius is going to Abilene Christian University. He will major in Kinesiology.

Kenzie started last year as a junior with a few extra credits. She worked hard and took extra classes this year to be able to graduate early. Kenzie was the cheer captain and a skilled performer. She is also a talented artist. Kenzie is heading to San Diego State University, pursuing a degree in Business.

Riley is another student who began last year as a junior. She took additional classes and worked very hard to be able to graduate early. Riley is our salutatorian. She is a talented dancer and a great writer. Riley was accepted into many prestigious schools including Penn State. Ultimately, Riley decided to go to George Washington University in Washington D.C. Riley will pursue a degree in chemistry. She received an amazing scholarship for $58,000!

JJ is a singer, musician, and dancer. He was in show choir and varsity choir. He received superior ratings for solo and ensemble competitions and he received special recognition for acceptance into the All Region Choir three years in a row. JJ is headed to Neumont College of Computer Science in Salt Lake City. He is pursuing a degree in Game Design.

We are very proud of this group of students. We know they have a bright future ahead of them and we cannot wait to see what they do! Congratulations class of 2021!