Featured Story 3

Senior Accepted into Schools Across the Country

Bonita is an impressive student who spent her time at LAAS involved in a lot of activities. Last year she was President of Class Officers, Student Council, and the Honor Society Officers, as well as the Executive Producer of the school broadcast. Additionally, she competed in choir, robotics, and speech, performing exceptionally well in each event. Lastly, she was our cheer captain. On top of all of these responsibilities, Bonita maintained an excellent GPA, graduating as Valedictorian. When it came time to pick a school, Bonita wanted to know all of the options available to her. This lead her to apply to schools all across the country from coast to coast. Bonita’s lengthy resume of activities and awards, combined with her high test scores and excellent writing meant that the acceptance letters started rolling in. We truly have lost count of how many schools Bonita was accepted into. Some highlights were Saint Louis University and Loyola University in Chicago. Ultimately, Bonita chose SMU in Dallas where she will study psychology with a possible minor in business. Whatever Bonita does, we know she will be a success. We can’t wait to see what comes next for her!